Let’s talk polish! Pahlish Sunless Sea

Just a quick post today to talk about a polish I wore recently: Pahlish Sunless Sea.

I got it from a friend, to whom I will be forever grateful, because this guy is stunning!
The perfect yellow/green ratio, a sprinkle of tiny flakes and a very vibrant look make Sunless Sea a joy to look at.
I did three coats to correct some patchiness  (user’s error, I’m pretty sure).

Pahlish Sunless Sea, three coats

I’m so in love!

Pahlish Sunless Sea

When I wear really vivid colours, I like to tone them down a bit with a black stamped design. I didn’t really feel the need to do that with Sunless Sea, as it is so pretty, but I wanted to try a new Beauty Bigbang plate, so eventually I gave up. At first I was thinking about reverse stamping, but then I messed it up because hey, it’s me, so I went back to a simple black image.

Beauty BigBang’s BBB XL-039
Pahlish Sunless Sea + BBB XL-039 + Moyra’s black stamping polish

DISCLAIMER: The plate I used was kindly sent to me for review by Beauty BigBang; if you like it, here’s the reference (you can use the code LLAE10 for 10% off your purchase!): 

BBB XL-039 ➡ item SKU: BBBXL-039

That’s all! See you next time (wink wink).



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