Indie, indeed

Back in 2013, when I was taking my first steps into the polish word, I came across something unseen (by me) and unheard (also by me) of: glitter mixes. 
Suddenly a choir of angels started singing, accompanied by the sound of heavenly lyres, while unicorns would gallop gracefully around them, shaking their rainbow manes and leaving pink footprints in the clouds.

I became frantic: I had to have one (or two, three, four… #hoarderinthemaking) of them! Specifically, I wanted what now I would call a crelly: a glitter in a coloured, semi-opaque base.
That’s how the whole chase-the-rabbit-down-the-rabbit-hole situation began: from crellies to indies the leap is bound to happen. 

The universe of indipendent nail polish brands (or indies for short) was, for me, fascinating and unattainable: here in Narnia (the little corner of the planet where I live), cosmetics coming from outside the EU are not easy to import, as I had to realize when I tried to get my hands on them. I could only think of one solution to my problem: I needed to find a European indie maker! Easier said than done, but eventually I succeded: first of all I found Crazy Polish Lady from Portugal (whose polish I still own and treasure – but that’s another story) and then Foxy Paws stepped (see what I did there? XD ) into my life. It was love at first sight!

Foxy Paws Dancing in the moonlight

What would you have done in front of this beauty? Yep, me too: I got hooked. Little by little, a growing number of cute Foxes found their new home in my drawers. Five years later, they’re still there.

Foxy  Paws polishs galore

Foxy Paws is the creature of the lovely and talented Charlotte from Denmark: a beautiful woman inside and out! She’s been on maternity leave for the last couple of years, but she’s coming back, and I couldn’t be happier!
While we wait for her new shades, why don’t we take a look at a few of my (many) favourite Foxies?

Top row, from the left: You Saucy Minx and Cake By The Ocean. Middle, from the left: Get Psyched Mix and One More Night. Bottom row, from the left: Time To Be A Unicorn and I’m Blue.

Finally, a proper (well, proper… sort of) swatch: on my nails I have two coats of the gorgeous Accidental Boob Graze (shall we talk about the name? XD ).

Foxy Paws Accidental Boob Graze
Foxy Paws Accidental Boob Graze: my photos don’t do it justice: it’s stunning in real life!

Once again I talked a lot! Time to go… See you soon!



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