Nail art for a start

Let’s put it straight: I’m not good at nail art. I’m clumsy, impatient, unorganized. I don’t have the ability to envision a design, I totally lack visual fantasy. But above all, I’m not talented.

I’ve always been passionate about arts: music, painting, architecture, sculpture, photography… But I’m a beholder, not a maker.  When I try and draw something, the result usually ends up looking like this:

“Thin Man”, soon at MOMA.

So when it comes to nail art, hand painting is out of question, decals and vynils are also a daunting challenge (you know, clumsiness, impatience, fine motor skills deficiency…), striping tape can’t even be mentioned. We are left with dotters, sponges and stamping tools, the latter being my favourite, hands down.

I enjoy stamping! Like, a lot! Simple patterns, of course, nothing layered (I don’t seem to be able to align the images properly) or reverse-stamped (my “decals” are always either too dry or too tacky). Sometimes I make an attempt, but the process is often frustrating and the final products underwhelming.

But other than that, stamping is good, stamping is fun! Over the years, my stamping plates have multiplied (not spontaneously! you can’t just place a male plate together with a female plate in a cozy corner with soothing music on and hope for a litter of puppy plates!).
By now, even if my collection is not large by any means, I have a nice variety of plates to choose from. Here are a few of my favourites (the majority of them I purchased with my own money, a couple of them were sent to me for review by Beauty Bigbang and Guerrilla Nails).

Top row, from the left: Beauty Bigbang BBB-10; a plate I got from Ebay, simply named P; Emily de Molly EDM 19.
Bottom row, from the left: Pueen 61, HeHe 057 and another plate from Ebay, named 08; MoYou London Sailor 03, Scandi 08, Trend Hunter 01 and Tropical 03;
Überchic collections 1 and 4.
Click on a photo to open the gallery!

As far as stampers go, my preference goes to the clear jelly one by Essence: it’s affordable, it’s readily available and it works just fine!

After the longest of preambles, shall we get to the point? 
A few days ago, I stamped. Oh yes, I did!
First of all, I made a gradient with two A England polishes: Katherine of Aragon and Peaseblossom A Fairy. 

A England Katherine of Aragon (gold/neutral) and Peaseblossom A Fairy (magenta)

After that, I stamped a design taken from Überchic plate 4-02. I used a black stamping polish by Moyra, like I always do. 

A England Katherine of Aragon and Peaseblossom A Fairy, Überchic plate 4-02, 
Moyra’s black stamping polish.

May I say that I’m pretty happy with this mani (for once)?

I hope you had fun reading my struggle with nail art! By the way, I’m not a native speaker, so please bear with me if I make mistakes or sound weird!!! Feel free to correct me – I’d appreciate your help!
It’s time to go, now. See you soon!



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