I tried to resist. I really did. But eventually the Christmas spirit or, rather, atmosphere sneaked in and I found myself craving for snowflakes and ugly sweaters on my nails. So here’s a couple of wintery/Christmas-y/festive manicures I was able to make in the small amount of spare time I’ve had lately.

Scintillating Scintillant Scintilla

Cadillacquer Scintilla stamped with Yves Rocher Or Scintillant; design from Born Pretty plate BP-L029.

For this mani I used a GORGEOUS polish as a base: Cadillacquer Scintilla, an exclusive shade for Hypnotic Polish (my favourite online store for indies), is described as a “dark purple-leaning burgundy crelly with copper shimmer”. It’s dainty and rich at the same time: I’m so in love with it!Β 
Let me include a pic with the polish on its own:

Cadillacquer Scintilla

The starry pattern comes from one of my few Christmas-themed plates, Born Pretty’s BP-L029. As a stamping polish I used a metallic gold by Yves Rocher, appropriately named Or Scintillant (see what I did there? XD ). My stamper of choice was, as usual, Essence’s Stamp it! clear stamper.

Fake snowflake

OPI Holidazed Over You stamped with Essence City Girls Rule! and Hit The Bottle Snowed In; pattern from Clear Jelly Stamper CJS-03.

Another mani I did was a classic snowflake design. This time I picked a very dark, pratically black, blue nail polish by OPI: it’s called Holidazed Over You and it’s one of my favourites from last year’s Holiday collection.
For the snowflakes I used my nemesis: a layering stamping plate! Argh! 
The plate itself (Clear Jelly Stamper CJS-03, purchased from Guerrilla Nails) is good and not hard to use, but the hand maneuvering the stamper is a hopeless one, so it was only after several attempts (and quite a bit of nasty talking and swearing) that I managed to put together something acceptable.
Stamping polishes were my go-to silver metallic, Essence’s City Girls Rule!, and Snowed In by Hit The Bottle.


The following sections include disturbing content: proceed with caution! 
I’m kidding…!!! But if you decide to scroll down, be prepared to see some epic nail fails! XD

The ugliest ugly sweater

The image below shows why I should always steer clear from designs that require to be centered and aligned. I can’t do that. I just can’t, even with a clear stamper. Oh, well. It is supposed to look like an ugly sweater, isn’t it? Nailed it! You can’t go any uglier than this! XD
Anyway, I used a metallic cherry tomato red from the Miracle Gel line by Sally Hansen (the miracle being that it eventually becomes opaque, after three generous coats, and dry, after a few hours). Again the pattern comes from Born Pretty BP-L029 and the white stamping polish is Snowed In by Hit The Bottle.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Jingle Red Rock stamped with Hit The Bottle Snowed In; pattern from Born Pretty BP-L029.
Born Pretty BP-L029

IN CAUDA VENENUM: I’ve saved the scariest – and most ridiculous – for last.

Truth be told: it is a dogsled.

A few years ago, I was browsing on YouTube, when I came across a tutorial for a reindeer mani. I can’t remember who the nail artist was, but she made it look so easy and effortless that I decided to give it a try. How naive of me! 
The reind… creature was so unspeakably ugly that I didn’t even bother giving it its antlers. Not that there was any room left anyway…  -_-

The red-nosed creature

I was going to euthanize it with acetone, but its alarmed, incredulous look stopped me. It stayed. 
That’s how Rocky The Red-nosed Doberman was born.

Further research on my side showed that now and then Santa does in fact use a dogsled instead of his traditional reindeer sleigh, and Rocky is the leading pup.
Photographic evidence is provided below.

Ok, guys, I hope you had a good laugh. 
See you soon! Ho Ho Woof!


Useful links

All photos are my own, except for the banners ( and, the dogsled (, Santa Claus (


6 thoughts on “Christ-must

  1. zaya_nails December 16, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    I loooove your doberman😍😍😍 and love your posts!!!

  2. Adry December 16, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    Troppo forte!!!!

  3. tingednailtips December 20, 2018 / 11:36 am

    Beautiful manis, I love the Cadillacquer one and am also impressed by the Fake Snowflake!
    Your post (especially the photo with the sleigh) really made me laugh, thank you for that πŸ˜€ I love the Christmas Doberman, he looks at you so innocently and trustful… he’s very cute!
    I have the same problem with aligning pattern on my nails, but I wonder if it’s really all that noticeable from further away (aka in real life)? Maybe we’re just too critical because we’re so close to the mani πŸ˜‰

    • my_apawcalypse December 20, 2018 / 10:48 pm

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment: that’s super sweet of you! You’re right, slightly crooked lines aren’t noticeable in real life, but in photos… they make me cringe! Thank you very much again!

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