Inverted Seasons

Picture Polish Autumn

Hi! Long time no see, uh? I’ve been very busy at work and I just couldn’t find the time for blogging: adulting sucks! But let’s get back to polish before I start whining and feeling sorry for my precious self.

So, I am definitely not a seasonal nail polish wearer. Behind my colour choices there can be many reasons, but I especially pick one shade over another based on my mood. Sometimes I just open a drawer and grab a bottle, so to speak, blindfolded.

Even I, though, was a bit hesitant to paint my nails with a varnish called Autumn now that Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming, birdies are chirping, bugs are buzzing, sweet winds are blowing, pollen is pollinating… Ok, I guess you got the idea. But my concern only lasted three seconds and I quickly went back to my fashion inappropriateness.

The polish we’re talking about, on the other hand, is so stunning and so special that I couldn’t wait to try it on. Moreover, it’s Autumn in its native land, so it’s not out of place after all: yay for inverted seasons!

The main reason why this polish is so special to me is that I won it in a giveaway: the closest thing to a miracle that I’ve ever experienced, lol! Me winning anything is, to put it down in Brandon Boyd’s word, “a feat as common as a cold day in L.A.”!

But Jules and the girls at Picture Polish were so sweet and generous to “grant my wish list” (that was the name of the giveaway) and send me all the way from Australia a bottle of Autumn and one of Gothic (swatches of which will eventually be up on the blog as well, at some point between now and… Well, at some point.).

Pelliccia was totally excited to have an Australian box to rest his chin in (that was all he could fit into it).

Picture Polish was one of my most coveted brands when I started collecting. I distinctly remember how I spent a whole afternoon staring at my nails painted in Cosmos (when I was supposed to pay the utmost attention to a guy raving about education guidance), and the excitement of having been able to get my hands on a super duper Limited Edition shade, Aurora. Time has passed since those days, and the PP family living in my house has grown to be of a respectable size.

Five years worth of collecting, searching, saving, hunting, exchanging, receiving, loving.

Autumn is not what I would define as my go-to colour: I’m all about dark, mysterious shades (I wear black on the outside ’cause black is how I feel on the inside… Ah, The Smiths!), but this happy orange was a pleasant surprise. It was love at first stroke!

Autumn has an excellent, opaque formula. This is how the first coat looks, with bad lighting, crusty cuticles, aging skin and all that jazz:

The second coat went on flawlessy, and by then my infatuation had become true love: the sparkle was just delicious!

Two coats of Autumn, no top coat.
As you can see, this varnish was created in collaboration with The Polishing Life.
Ignore the mummy-like skin and focus on the sssspaaaarrrrkleeeee!
The holo particles in Autumn are very bright and prominent, just the way I like them!

That’s it, fellow polish lovers: here’s my new babe. Picture Polish and The Polishing Life got the best out of their collaboration: this little guy is a must have. I want to thank Jules again for giving me the opportunity to try it: I’m not 100% sure I would have on my own – and I would have missed out! Lesson learned, then: be more daring with my colour picks!

Time to say bye-bye: I’ll be back soon(ish)!


DISCLAIMER: I received Autumn as a gift from Picture Polish ( All the photos are my own. All the mistakes are also my own – not a native speaker, sorry!!