A confession

…with nail art on top!

Guys, long time no see!
It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my last post. I’ve been very busy at work and life has gotten in the way more than once, but, honestly, there is more than just that.
I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately, I couldn’t make up my mind as to what direction my little blog should take, what kind of content I wanted to concentrate on. Questions that are still usanswered, but here I am doing an attempt.

Another fact has been bothering me and has affected my motivation a bit. In the last month or so, something happened to Instragram and its algorhythm (is that what it’s called?), and not only I rarely get to see what I really want to see, but now my posts only gather half the likes they used to, or even less than that. That’s not the main point, though: it’s never been about followers and likes for me – it’s always been a matter of sharing. When I subscribed to Instragram and decided to start this blog, all I had in mind was to find a place where I could talk about nail polish, this weird passion of mine (weird for me, for what I am), with other people, without boring my real life friends to death. Instagram isn’t that place anymore, I fear: like Facebook, it’s become just another marketplace. I was looking for a social app, where the key word would be socialize, all I’m left with is yet another attempt to shove something I don’t care for down my throat.

So, what am I going to do at this point? Well, I guess I’m staying for now, because I still enjoy painting my nails, showing my pretties to other polish lovers and reading their comments. I do hope that we can still interact and support each other.

Enough with the rant! Here’s what I’ve been doing recently.

Image 1 – base: Cirque Colors Wall St.; stamping polish: MoYou Sweet Custard; plate: MoYou Greek Mythology 09.
Image 2 – base: Lilypad Lacquer Unicorn Lagoon; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-007.
Image 3 – base: Kiko Smart Lacquer 027 and 087; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-039.
Image 4 – base: L’Oreal Bleu Jasmin; stamping polish: Essence Instant Match; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-022.
Image 5 – base: Moo Moo’s Signatures Fancy Dandelion; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBBXL-040; for the flowers: Foxy Paws Love changes everything and Smile. Little Bow. And a wave, Colour Alike 533. The tulips on my pointer finger were supposed to be three, but one of them didn’t want to leave the stamper. Ooops. XD
Image 6 – base: Emily de Molly Gilded Beauties over Kiko Chrome Intense 003; stamping polish: NYC Jupiter Princess; plate: MoYou Pro XL 14.
Image 7 – base: Catrice Don’t judge a nail by its color; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: MoYou Scandi 08; for the flowers: Depend Cosmetics 2088 Chameleon.
Image 8 – base: Cupcake Polish Owl always love you; stamping polish: black from Moyra (surprise surprise!!); plate: MoYou Trend Hunter 01; for the sunflowers: Essence Little Miss Sunrise and Nude, dos, tres.

I was quite happy with these manis, I enjoyed wearing them! If I have to pick a favourite or two, I’d say #3 for sure, followed by #7, which was far from perfect and not everybody’s cup of tea, but somehow it was in my chords.

That’s all I have to say for now, see you soon!


DISCLAIMER: all photos are my own. English is my second language: please excuse my mistakes and general weirdness!

4 thoughts on “A confession

  1. francesca6nail June 28, 2019 / 9:47 am

    Infatti, c’è chi mi sta a sentire, ma sicuramente si annoia. Sui social non dovrebbe essere così.

    • my_apawcalypse June 28, 2019 / 3:09 pm

      Infatti! Capisco le necessità commerciali, ma vorrei che ci fosse un po’ più di equilibrio.

  2. zaya_nails June 29, 2019 / 5:45 am

    Ti capisco benissimo! Sarò sempre “grata” ad Instagram per la opportunità di conoscere le npa italiane ma ultimamente è tutto soldi e pubblicità e poco social e amore… Ma io non ti permetterò di smettere☺️☺️ I need you in my life ❤️❤️❤️

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