Let’s talk polish! Pahlish Sunless Sea

Just a quick post today to talk about a polish I wore recently: Pahlish Sunless Sea.

I got it from a friend, to whom I will be forever grateful, because this guy is stunning!
The perfect yellow/green ratio, a sprinkle of tiny flakes and a very vibrant look make Sunless Sea a joy to look at.
I did three coats to correct some patchiness  (user’s error, I’m pretty sure).

Pahlish Sunless Sea, three coats

I’m so in love!

Pahlish Sunless Sea

When I wear really vivid colours, I like to tone them down a bit with a black stamped design. I didn’t really feel the need to do that with Sunless Sea, as it is so pretty, but I wanted to try a new Beauty Bigbang plate, so eventually I gave up. At first I was thinking about reverse stamping, but then I messed it up because hey, it’s me, so I went back to a simple black image.

Beauty BigBang’s BBB XL-039
Pahlish Sunless Sea + BBB XL-039 + Moyra’s black stamping polish

DISCLAIMER: The plate I used was kindly sent to me for review by Beauty BigBang; if you like it, here’s the reference (you can use the code LLAE10 for 10% off your purchase!): 

BBB XL-039 ➡ item SKU: BBBXL-039

That’s all! See you next time (wink wink).



20 B.C.

Based on the title, this sounds like a post about history – which would be appropriate, since that is my area of expertise. Sort of, anyway.

Once upon a time, when the Romans ruled the known world and a blogger would have used clay tablets to write on, I was in my twenties. I was a tomboy – totally, hopelessly so. I hated pink, only felt comfortable wearing clothes that were frowned upon even in building sites (where I used to work), alternated sneakers and combat boots, depending on the season. No make-up, God forbid! I owned two or three bottles of nail polish: two blacks and a dark blue. It was 20 B.C. – Before Collecting.
But then time went by, and I’ve grown into what I am now: an older tomboy.
I still hate pink, go for jeans and sneakers on a daily basis, only wear a dress at weddings. When I use some eyeliner or mascara, the world stops astonished.

How come I have become a nail polish addict, then? The answer is simple: I. Have. No. Idea.
Seriously, no clue. Suddenly I found myself down the rabbit hole without even knowing why, when and how. It happened somewhere between 2012 and 2013.
I clearly remember a colleague who was wearing a magnetic polish by Deborah Milano that I fell in love with and hunted down (and paid 8 euros for – a crazy amount for my standards back then!), but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the trigger. What really was, I just can’t recall. It might have had something to do with some nail art tutorials I accidentally saw either on tv or on YouTube that caught my attention (Mikeligna, are you the Enabler, the One To Blame? LoL…), but I’m not sure. The fact I’m well aware of, though, is that from that moment on it was all downhill. The Way of the Hoarder was open… and the Flames of Hell are waiting for me.

This little guy is still with me!


So I’m blogging: will it last?

I’ve been debating whether to start blogging or not for years.

Blogging would do wonders for your English – I said to myself – and would be a constructive way to pass the time especially in the summer, instead of binge-watching Netflix or just doing nothing.

On the other side, I kept thinking that I have nothing really interesting to say most of the times, so what was I supposed to blog about?
Travels? When I’m lucky, I leave home twice per year, and generally for the same two destinations: exciting, uh? Nope, let’s forget travels.
What about books? I’ve always been an avid reader, I go through novels as fast as lightning, but to be honest my picks are – again – pretty monotonous and boring: do the world need another dull reviewer? I guess not.
Cooking? Don’t be ridiculous, Ilaria: your intepretation of haute cuisine is mug cakes.
Cats? Tempting. “Cat A today slept for 14 hours straight, then used the toilet, asked for his dinner and went back to sleep. Cat B whined because he wanted to go out, was disappointed with the weather and blamed me, then went ahead and devoured Cat A’s food, ignoring his own”. Can you see the Pulitzer price coming at me? Me neither.

Then what, nail polish? That is of course a passion of mine, and something I am always interested in hearing about, but… But.
I’m not an expert, I can’t paint my nails very well, my photographing skills are non-existent. I’m just the girl nextdoor (girl? Let’s say the middle-aged lady nextdoor… lol!) who happens to own SOME polish (the world’s biggest understatement…) and sometimes feels the need to share her weakness with somebody who understands and doesn’t judge it too shallow.

So many concerns, so much indecision. You know what? I might as well get started and see what happens.