Apawca-pills #3: A (Mrs De) Winter Love Story

Hi, guys! Probably for the first and last time in history, this post of mine is going to be actually short and quick: a pile of classwork is waiting to be assessed – I swear it’s staring at me with creepy, evil eyes – and I need to get back to it (with a broken heart).

Yesterday I tried a shade from the most recent A England’s collection, “Return to Manderley” and my jaw dropped to the floor – I’m pretty sure it’s still there.

I chose Mrs De Winter based merely on the name: I wanted something winter-related for a challenge I’m doing all through 2019. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with this lady.

Enough chatting: let’s take a look at the polish.

As expected from A England, the formula in this polish is perfect: the first coat goes on a bit sheer and streaky, but the second makes it completely opaque and smooth. The base colour is hard to see in my photos, because the holo is so deliciously strong: it’s described as a “soft muted grey taupe”, but to my eyes there’s a hint of a purple hue too.

The best part is obviously the holographic effect, which is strong even in dim lighting and is absolutely gorgeous: it’s linear but somehow a little bit scattered too. It’s like crushed rainbow diamonds on the nails!

Gotta go back to work now! See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: I purchased Mrs De Winter with my own money. All the photos are my own.