Apawca-pill #2: Muffa

“It is good to have a lot of cats around. If you feel bad, you look at the cats and you feel better, because they know that things are as they are.”

Charles Bukowski

I am, was and always will be a cat lover.

What is it that is so fascinating in cats?
They are effortlessly elegant and gorgeous, and the faaa.. I mean fluffier, the better. They are dignified but can be goofy too; they are not ashamed of unleashing the kitten that’s hidden within them when they see a toy; they are firmly convinced that everything they want it’s their right to have (and quickly, please and thank you). They can relax as deeply as no other creature can, without a hint of guilt. They judge you and make it very clear that the human race isn’t but a messy, clumsy, slow bunch of furless bipeds. What’s not to love?!

I currently have I’m currently owned by two kitties, the elder of which has been my life companion for more than twelve years now. His name is Muffa (“Mold” in Italian… it’s a long story) and he is my lord and master . At least that’s what he thinks, and he behaves accordingly.
He doesn’t ask: he demands.
He doesn’t sleep in my bed: I sleep in his – and he hogs the blanket.
He wants his food warm, his litter box clean, his kibble crunchy.
He definitely does not like it when I sing (nobody does, to be honest).
He is self-confident in a way I will never be.

Muffa, judging me since 2006.

When a couple of years ago Nicole from Lilypad Lacquer offered her fans the opportunity to have a nail polish created specifically for their pets (the “Pet Favourites” collection), I instantly submitted a photo of Muffa.
I can’t believe the gigantic amount of work she did to make us all happy, I can’t thank her enough.

Now to the polish!
Nicole did, as usual, an incredible job and captured the silverness? silveritude? silverism? of my tiny prince perfectly! I might be A BIT biased, but I think that, if Muffa the cat is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing ever, Muffa the polish comes a close second! It’s a silver holographic base with silver/purple reflective micro flakes running through it. The formula is nice and covers in three coats.

Lilypad Lacquer Muffa
Lilypad Lacquer Muffa

As soon as the polish was ready, I bought a bottle of “Muffa” for me and one for my bestie and fellow cat servant Daniela. The package came all the way from Australia and the Muffas finally met. In case you’re dying to see how the epic meeting went, click on the following link:


Muffa the cat is astonished.

I couldn’t resist: I had to at least try and stamp a cat design over “Muffa”!
I used MoYou London Crazy Cat Lady #3 and a black stamping polish from Moyra.

Lilypad Lacquer Muffa; MoYou London Crazy Cat Lady #3; black stamping polish from Moyra

That’s all, folks. See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: all photos (and embarrassing drawings) are my own, except for the cat silhouette: https://pixabay.com/en/cat-halloween-silhouette-mieze-1775543/.
The polish was purchased by me with my own money.
Please excuse any errors you may find in my post!