June 2019 favourites

June has been a pretty intense month for me, filled with ups & downs (especially the latter). I could describe in detail all the things that disappointed me, irradiating dissatisfaction and ennui like nobody’s business, but I doubt that would be entertaining (unless you, dear reader, are an emo and/or Kierkegaard: in that case let me know and I will send you a very depressing private message for you to mourn on XD ), so let’s concentrate on the positive stuff, shall we?

The fairest of them all

Nail polish (almost) never fails to relax me and help me empty my mind. Shallow? Maybe, but a girl needs her lighthearted moments! The shades I loved the most this past month are mainly holos, because what else can you do under the scorching sun but stare at the rainbow on your nails?

From top to bottom, we have:
– Enchanted Studio Cosmic Coolaid, in two coats without top coat: I highly enjoyed that tone of purple, with all the scattered sparkle as a cherry on top!
– A England Mustardseed A Fairy: a surprise favourite! This polish looks different according to the lighting: on the pink-ish side under the sun, a rusty colour indoors, under artificial lighting. Stunning either way. And me saying that a pink/coral polish is stunning is a lot. Like, big deal.
– ‘Ard As Nails I love you hunny bunny: my one and only AAN. At first I wasn’t fond of it, because the application was slightly less pleasant than I expected (is the heat to blame?), but when I went outside… BOOM! Super saturated, super holographic, super pretty. I might have drooled a bit.
– Pahlish Electrique: my Pahlish-mania dates back to 2013 or 2014, but it’s frustrated by the fact that it’s not an easy task for me to obtain those precious bottles, due to importing restrictions and lack of EU-based stockists. But where there’s a will there’s a way! Electrique is one of my first acquisitions from the brand. It’s nice in the bottle, but totally gorgeous on the nails! Look at the flakies!!!
– Emily de Molly Gilded Beauties: this is a magnetic topper that caused me more drooling when I applied it over a dark gray base. I risked severe dehydration in June, apparently! Nail polish idolatry is a dangerous lifestyle, you guys! XD

Honourable mentions

These are polishes that I liked on my nails just a hair less than the previous ones, but that I still consider gorgeous:
– Polished for Days Vitae: another magnetic polish that is totally mezmerising. I used a neodymium ring magnet from KBShimmer to achieve the effect you see.
– Lilypad Lacquer Unicorn Lagoon: such a pretty glow!
– Sinful Colors Savage: a turquoise matte polish that I really enjoyed wearing. Photos don’t do it justice!

Other favourites


Last month I headed north with my readings: Iceland with Arnaldur Indridason, Denmark with Jussi Adler-Olsen and Estonia with Arno Saar, the Baltic alter ego of Alessandro Perissinotto. I especially appreciated Perissinotto’s novel, “La neve sotto la neve (The snow under the snow)” for the ability of the author to describe a brutal, despicable situation with delicacy. Yes, all these books are crime stories – what can I say, as a vampire, I like blood!

Movies and (Netflix) shows

The nicest movie I’ve watched lately was the least promising (to my taste): it’s called About Time and it’s a Btitish romantic comedy about a boy who has the ability to travel in time. Sounds lame, but it’s not, I promise.
I also had fun watching Tower Heist – but I like everything with Ben Stiller in it!
Last but not the least, The killing of a Sacred Deer, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, is unusual and not so easy to process, but definitely worth a try: it’s the story of a man that is forced to make the most difficult choice imaginable. For those who are familiar with the subject, the movie is based on Euripides’ tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis.

Bramer, The Sacrifice of Iphigenia

As far as Netflix shows are concerned, I was SUPER bummed to hear that Santa Clarita Diet was cancelled. I’m going to miss Joel and Sheila, Eric and Abby (and Mr Ball Legs) so much! I’m a picky eater when it comes to series, but this one stole my heart. I also re-re-watched The IT Crowd, because it’s genius and I can’t get enough. I’m currently trying I-zombie, which I like, but am not in love with (except for Ravi, who is adorable inside and out).

Well, this post is becoming a bit too lengthy, so I should probably say bye for now and see you soon!


DISCLAIMER: All nail polish related photos are my own. All the polishes were purchased by me with my own money.
Additional images:

A confession

…with nail art on top!

Guys, long time no see!
It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my last post. I’ve been very busy at work and life has gotten in the way more than once, but, honestly, there is more than just that.
I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately, I couldn’t make up my mind as to what direction my little blog should take, what kind of content I wanted to concentrate on. Questions that are still usanswered, but here I am doing an attempt.

Another fact has been bothering me and has affected my motivation a bit. In the last month or so, something happened to Instragram and its algorhythm (is that what it’s called?), and not only I rarely get to see what I really want to see, but now my posts only gather half the likes they used to, or even less than that. That’s not the main point, though: it’s never been about followers and likes for me – it’s always been a matter of sharing. When I subscribed to Instragram and decided to start this blog, all I had in mind was to find a place where I could talk about nail polish, this weird passion of mine (weird for me, for what I am), with other people, without boring my real life friends to death. Instagram isn’t that place anymore, I fear: like Facebook, it’s become just another marketplace. I was looking for a social app, where the key word would be socialize, all I’m left with is yet another attempt to shove something I don’t care for down my throat.

So, what am I going to do at this point? Well, I guess I’m staying for now, because I still enjoy painting my nails, showing my pretties to other polish lovers and reading their comments. I do hope that we can still interact and support each other.

Enough with the rant! Here’s what I’ve been doing recently.

Image 1 – base: Cirque Colors Wall St.; stamping polish: MoYou Sweet Custard; plate: MoYou Greek Mythology 09.
Image 2 – base: Lilypad Lacquer Unicorn Lagoon; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-007.
Image 3 – base: Kiko Smart Lacquer 027 and 087; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-039.
Image 4 – base: L’Oreal Bleu Jasmin; stamping polish: Essence Instant Match; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBB XL-022.
Image 5 – base: Moo Moo’s Signatures Fancy Dandelion; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: Beauty Bigbang BBBXL-040; for the flowers: Foxy Paws Love changes everything and Smile. Little Bow. And a wave, Colour Alike 533. The tulips on my pointer finger were supposed to be three, but one of them didn’t want to leave the stamper. Ooops. XD
Image 6 – base: Emily de Molly Gilded Beauties over Kiko Chrome Intense 003; stamping polish: NYC Jupiter Princess; plate: MoYou Pro XL 14.
Image 7 – base: Catrice Don’t judge a nail by its color; stamping polish: black from Moyra; plate: MoYou Scandi 08; for the flowers: Depend Cosmetics 2088 Chameleon.
Image 8 – base: Cupcake Polish Owl always love you; stamping polish: black from Moyra (surprise surprise!!); plate: MoYou Trend Hunter 01; for the sunflowers: Essence Little Miss Sunrise and Nude, dos, tres.

I was quite happy with these manis, I enjoyed wearing them! If I have to pick a favourite or two, I’d say #3 for sure, followed by #7, which was far from perfect and not everybody’s cup of tea, but somehow it was in my chords.

That’s all I have to say for now, see you soon!


DISCLAIMER: all photos are my own. English is my second language: please excuse my mistakes and general weirdness!

The sacred precinct

“The road to Epidaurus is like the road to creation. One stops searching. One grows silent, stilled by the hush of mysterious beginnings. If one could speak one would become melodious. There is nothing to be seized or reassured or cornered off here: there is only a breaking down of the walls which lock the spirit in.”

Henry Miller, “The Colossus of Maroussi”

During my Easter holidays, in the second half of April, I travelled to Greece.
I can’t even begin to express how much I love that country. Nowhere else in the world I feel such a comforting sense of belonging, such a strong emotion every step I take. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it’s like I’m bathed in magic. It’s such a nerdy thing to say, but walking the same streets, looking at the same landscapes as Socrates, Plato, Phidias and Sophocles… it’s amazing. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed.

This time around, I decided to go visit Argolis, in the Peloponnese peninsula. Not only did I adore seeing in person all the archeological sites I’ve admired all my life, but I was also stunned by the beauty of nature.

Everything was green and luxuriant, everything was in full bloom: shades of yellow, blue, purple, pink, indigo, red teamed up to create some sort of Mediterranean paradise. The scent was heavenly and even if the sites were crowded with tourists, you could still get to find a quiet corner to get lost in.

My favourite among all the flowers were the poppies. They were much darker than a regular poppy-red poppy: they looked more like a burgundy colour, or maybe scarlet? I’m not good at defining colours. Anyway, they were beautiful. And inspiring, as it seems, because I felt the need, once I got back home, to paint them on my nails.

Well, not exactly a masterpiece, but I kind of liked this mani. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as my base, Opi Malaga Wine for the petals, Collistar Verde Dinamica for stems and leaves, a random black polish and again Snow Me White for the dots. I sealed everything with a thick layer of a glossy top coat from Sally Hansen. Oh, I almost forgot! The flowers are hand-painted!

That’s all for now. I hope to be back soon with another post!


DISCLAIMER: all photos are my own. All products were purchased by me with my own money.

Inverted Seasons

Picture Polish Autumn

Hi! Long time no see, uh? I’ve been very busy at work and I just couldn’t find the time for blogging: adulting sucks! But let’s get back to polish before I start whining and feeling sorry for my precious self.

So, I am definitely not a seasonal nail polish wearer. Behind my colour choices there can be many reasons, but I especially pick one shade over another based on my mood. Sometimes I just open a drawer and grab a bottle, so to speak, blindfolded.

Even I, though, was a bit hesitant to paint my nails with a varnish called Autumn now that Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming, birdies are chirping, bugs are buzzing, sweet winds are blowing, pollen is pollinating… Ok, I guess you got the idea. But my concern only lasted three seconds and I quickly went back to my fashion inappropriateness.

The polish we’re talking about, on the other hand, is so stunning and so special that I couldn’t wait to try it on. Moreover, it’s Autumn in its native land, so it’s not out of place after all: yay for inverted seasons!

The main reason why this polish is so special to me is that I won it in a giveaway: the closest thing to a miracle that I’ve ever experienced, lol! Me winning anything is, to put it down in Brandon Boyd’s word, “a feat as common as a cold day in L.A.”!

But Jules and the girls at Picture Polish were so sweet and generous to “grant my wish list” (that was the name of the giveaway) and send me all the way from Australia a bottle of Autumn and one of Gothic (swatches of which will eventually be up on the blog as well, at some point between now and… Well, at some point.).

Pelliccia was totally excited to have an Australian box to rest his chin in (that was all he could fit into it).

Picture Polish was one of my most coveted brands when I started collecting. I distinctly remember how I spent a whole afternoon staring at my nails painted in Cosmos (when I was supposed to pay the utmost attention to a guy raving about education guidance), and the excitement of having been able to get my hands on a super duper Limited Edition shade, Aurora. Time has passed since those days, and the PP family living in my house has grown to be of a respectable size.

Five years worth of collecting, searching, saving, hunting, exchanging, receiving, loving.

Autumn is not what I would define as my go-to colour: I’m all about dark, mysterious shades (I wear black on the outside ’cause black is how I feel on the inside… Ah, The Smiths!), but this happy orange was a pleasant surprise. It was love at first stroke!

Autumn has an excellent, opaque formula. This is how the first coat looks, with bad lighting, crusty cuticles, aging skin and all that jazz:

The second coat went on flawlessy, and by then my infatuation had become true love: the sparkle was just delicious!

Two coats of Autumn, no top coat.
As you can see, this varnish was created in collaboration with The Polishing Life.
Ignore the mummy-like skin and focus on the sssspaaaarrrrkleeeee!
The holo particles in Autumn are very bright and prominent, just the way I like them!

That’s it, fellow polish lovers: here’s my new babe. Picture Polish and The Polishing Life got the best out of their collaboration: this little guy is a must have. I want to thank Jules again for giving me the opportunity to try it: I’m not 100% sure I would have on my own – and I would have missed out! Lesson learned, then: be more daring with my colour picks!

Time to say bye-bye: I’ll be back soon(ish)!


DISCLAIMER: I received Autumn as a gift from Picture Polish (https://picturepolish.com.au/). All the photos are my own. All the mistakes are also my own – not a native speaker, sorry!!

Apawca-pills: nail art recap

I did a lot of stamping recently. As I’ve mentioned before, this is my favourite kind of nail art, because it’s quick, easy and, when you get the hang of it, foolproof.

I’ll be honest: there’s more. Promise you won’t laugh (or judge…): I have a thing for the stamper itself! I know: it’s silly. But the stamper is smooth, squishy, just a little bit sticky. I find it pleasant to the touch, like a marshmallow that you carefully heat up in the microwave for just a couple of seconds. Both are delicate and to be handled with care, but can give you instants of satisfaction. Ok, I’m going a bit too far here, but stampers and marshmallows are cool stuff! 

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick recap of everything I’ve come up with recently. Shall we start with my favourite and second favourite stamping nail arts of the last couple of months?

This mani was conceived as an entry for a competition hosted by Hypnotic Polish: the theme was “Inspired by a movie”. One of the films I love the most is “Mediterraneo” by Gabriele Salvatores: I’ve watched it dozens of times, but it never tires me. Actually, I dream of moving to Kastelorizo, the little Greek island where the story takes place, when I’m old(er) and retired. I will lie under a fig tree, with a book and a cat, and I will reach out and pluck a juicy fruit here and there. No, better: I will wait until a very ripe fig falls from the branch directly into my mouth. These were my thoughts as I was shoveling a cr** ton of snow in the front yard. When I got back inside, after an hour and a fair amount of cursing, I started painting.
I used H&M Sky High as a base, a blue and a silver by Essence and a white by Hit The Bottle as stamping polishes. I also used plate Nature 011 by Kads (which I loved!) and a matte top coat by Kiko. I really liked the end result and even if I didn’t win the competition, I consider this manicure a personal success: layering plates, you don’t scare me any more!

First of all, it’s not pink. It’s a cool-toned, very bright lilac-y purple-y shade that in some (biased) lighting might resemble pink. Are you convinced? No? OK, it’s pink, but it was for a good cause. This design, which by the way was inspired by Appy Nail on Instagram, was meant to be in support of breast cancer awareness and Catherine “Mrs Cronall” (she’s on Instagram and YouTube), who is fighting the hardest and most important battle of her life.
I used Opi Purple Palazzo Pants (lighter) and One Heckla of a Color (darker), a black stamping polish from Moyra and Pet’la Plate’s “Feathers”. After sealing everything up with regular top coat, I applied a matte topper from Kiko.

Wow, I’ve already written a lot! I don’t want to bore you to death, so I think I’ll go with a gallery of images for the remaining stamped manicures. I’ll add basic info below in case you’re interested in knowing what I used.

Img. 1: Kiko #244 stamped with Kads Fashion 014 and Essence City Girls Rule.
Img. 2: Deborah Milano Sense Tech 100% #11 stamped with MoYou London Mother Nature #6 and Yves Rocher Or Scintillant.
Img. 3: Pupa Milano Antarctic stamped with Überchic 4-03, Hit The Bottle Snowed In and Essence Nail Art Painter in More Than Silver.
Img. 4: Essie Borrowed & Blue stamped with Born Pretty BP-X51 and my usual black stamping polish from Moyra; accent nail: Essence Glitter On Glitter Off 05 Starlight Express.
Img. 5: Paws by Eddie Nucking Futs Nix stamped with MoYou London Sailor 04 and NYC Jupiter Princess.
Img. 6: Opi Pineapples Have Peelings Too stamped with Essence Instant Match and a plastic plate I got in a Chinese shop.

Well, well, it seems that we have another gigantic pill here: luckily it only needs to be read, and not swallowed! Time to say ba-bye now: see you next time!


DISCLAIMER: all the photos are my own, all the products were purchased with my own money or gifted by friends.

How I paint my nails

or The Lazy Way

Before reading this, please keep in mind that I am a collector, not a swatcher and/or a nail artist. I don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time!! This post is not in any way a tutorial: I just thought it would be fun to share what I do when I feel like painting my nails, that’s it!

First of all, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know what skin and nail care is. I don’t wear gloves while doing chores and I wash dishes wild and free (of protection). There are at least ten bottles of lotion scattered all around my house, none of which I remember to use on a daily basis.
I clip my nails (yes, for real!) and use a cardboard nail file (abomination!) to shape them – if we can talk about shaping when it comes to my nubs. In fact, I really don’t like filing my nails: it makes me cringe.
But, and I hope to gain your respect back with this, I don’t cut my cuticles, unless it’s an emergency kind of situation, and I’ve never been a nail biter.

Given those preconditions, and taken into account that I handle chalks every day for work, here’s how my hands look during the winter season:

Now you know why nail polish bottles are horrified when I grab them! XD

So, what do I do when I decide to paint my nails?
I start by washing my hands thoroughly. I generally use a foaming soap from Bath & Body Works, with a sense of guilt I must say, because I try to only use products that are certified cruelty free and vegan and B&BW isn’t, as far as I know. But I like their soaps so much… sigh!

Then I apply whatever lotion I have on hand. I got the one in the photo below in Greece and it works very well for me, because it’s not greasy at all. When I’m really, really lazy, I skip this step, with the result that I get back to the situation portraied in photo #1.

When I do NOT skip the lotion, my “swatch” hand looks more or less like this, in all its 40-something glory. You’re never going to see Cindy The Right Hand, though.

I always apply a base coat, but I can’t say I have a favourite one: it’s often something from either Essence or Kiko, as they’re readily available and decent for the price.

Now I’m ready to paint: I prefer to work in thin layers, which are easier to control. At this stage, I’m not concerned about patchiness or uneven glitter/flakie/shimmer/holo distribution: I just need a base down to build the polish upon. The fewer strokes the better: overworking a polish is never a good idea, at least for me!
I try to get as close to the skin as I can without flooding it: I’m not good enough to get Russian-manicure close, but I don’t want a miniature English Channel on my nails either!! I also look for a clean, nicely curved cuticle line, so that I will only need to touch it up a bit later.

Here’s one coat of Cadillacquer Odin: a little clean-up is required for my pinkie, but overall the first layer went on smoothly – the perfect formula of Odin helped a lot!

With the second coat I tend to be more generous, but not too much: I wipe one side of the brush against the bottle neck and that leaves me with the right amount of polish. Three strokes and a little touch up, if needed, and I’m done.

Time for a careful clean-up now! An angled brush and plain nail polish remover are my choice. Sometimes I use a toothpick for greater precision and a correcting pen for the surrounding skin, especially when I stamp.

My favourite nail polish remover is by Cien (available at Lidl): everything else dries my skin like crazy and it has the same effect as sandpaper on my nails! Brutal.

Another confession here: I often skip top coat, because I want to show the polish in its real… aaah, forget that. It’s because I’m effin lazy. I only use it if the polish dries dull or slightly uneven. I always hydrate my cuticles, though: I bring my trusty cuticle pen with me everywhere I go!

Well, I suppose we’re ready for photos now, right? WRONG! We want to photograph fingernails, not fry them: we will sit and wait patiently until the oil has completely soaked in. After that, a quick photo session in a light box, some basic editing and voilà, mission accomplished!

Cadillacquer Odin

That’s pretty much it, guys. Nothing fancy or super elaborated, but I’m fine with that, it serves its purpose. If you have any advice or suggestions, please leave them in the comments! See you soon(ish)!


DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased with my own money.
All photos are my own, except for the mummy (https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3711/9035967561_9ffeac9864_b.jpg).
All errors, mistakes and typos are also my own: I apologize! Feel free to point them out to me: I’d appreciate your help!

Oh, shift!

Nothing beats a multichrome. Ok, maybe a great holo or an ultracontrasting (a word I’ve just made up) contrasting shimmer can compare, but multichromes are really, really cool.

They are extremely entertaining: a nail polish addict could spend hours watching them, rotating fingers so that the polish can be hit by the right lighting, dipping hands in cold water to emphasize the colour shift, taking gazillions of photos to record each and every step of the transitioning process.

Spotted a woman in a parking lot, alone, doing nothing except staring with intensity at some unidentified object? NPA drooling over her multichrome, pretty sure. The car in front of you doesn’t move even if it has the green light? Another NPA.

Yes, because for some very precise scientific reasons that I totally ignore, the car is where the magic seems to multiply: no light is so perfect as the one coming in through the windshield. If you have ever worn a colour-shifting polish, I know you can relate.

Recently I tried on my nails a creation of the Queen of Shift, Miss Tonic Polish. In the photos below you can see how three coats of Dorothy look without top coat: amazing, uh?

Dear Lindsey, if you’re reading (insert laughter here), if only I could, I’d buy everything you come up with, EVERYTHING. With enormous relief for my bank account, I can’t – but I try my best anyway… Lol!

What about a couple of pics of multichromes from my collection? First up is a purple-to-gold duochrome by H&M, which is pretty decent for the price.

Then a super ultra mega fabulous purple-to-green-to-everything multichrome by Bow Polish, appropriately named Good God. So gorgeous. The photos are a couple of years old, sorry for that.

A classic now: ILNP Cygnus Loop, one of the first polishes of this kind in my stash to be opaque on its own (back in the days colour-shifting varnishes were often sheer and required a black base to fully express their potential). Again I apologize for the old, really atrocious photos. I am deeply ashamed, but I just don’t have time to swatch all these polishes again (adulting sucks).

So, what do you think? Do you like multichromes? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: all photos are my own, all polishes were purchased with my own money.

Apawca-pills #3: A (Mrs De) Winter Love Story

Hi, guys! Probably for the first and last time in history, this post of mine is going to be actually short and quick: a pile of classwork is waiting to be assessed – I swear it’s staring at me with creepy, evil eyes – and I need to get back to it (with a broken heart).

Yesterday I tried a shade from the most recent A England’s collection, “Return to Manderley” and my jaw dropped to the floor – I’m pretty sure it’s still there.

I chose Mrs De Winter based merely on the name: I wanted something winter-related for a challenge I’m doing all through 2019. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with this lady.

Enough chatting: let’s take a look at the polish.

As expected from A England, the formula in this polish is perfect: the first coat goes on a bit sheer and streaky, but the second makes it completely opaque and smooth. The base colour is hard to see in my photos, because the holo is so deliciously strong: it’s described as a “soft muted grey taupe”, but to my eyes there’s a hint of a purple hue too.

The best part is obviously the holographic effect, which is strong even in dim lighting and is absolutely gorgeous: it’s linear but somehow a little bit scattered too. It’s like crushed rainbow diamonds on the nails!

Gotta go back to work now! See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: I purchased Mrs De Winter with my own money. All the photos are my own.

Apawca-pill #2: Muffa

“It is good to have a lot of cats around. If you feel bad, you look at the cats and you feel better, because they know that things are as they are.”

Charles Bukowski

I am, was and always will be a cat lover.

What is it that is so fascinating in cats?
They are effortlessly elegant and gorgeous, and the faaa.. I mean fluffier, the better. They are dignified but can be goofy too; they are not ashamed of unleashing the kitten that’s hidden within them when they see a toy; they are firmly convinced that everything they want it’s their right to have (and quickly, please and thank you). They can relax as deeply as no other creature can, without a hint of guilt. They judge you and make it very clear that the human race isn’t but a messy, clumsy, slow bunch of furless bipeds. What’s not to love?!

I currently have I’m currently owned by two kitties, the elder of which has been my life companion for more than twelve years now. His name is Muffa (“Mold” in Italian… it’s a long story) and he is my lord and master . At least that’s what he thinks, and he behaves accordingly.
He doesn’t ask: he demands.
He doesn’t sleep in my bed: I sleep in his – and he hogs the blanket.
He wants his food warm, his litter box clean, his kibble crunchy.
He definitely does not like it when I sing (nobody does, to be honest).
He is self-confident in a way I will never be.

Muffa, judging me since 2006.

When a couple of years ago Nicole from Lilypad Lacquer offered her fans the opportunity to have a nail polish created specifically for their pets (the “Pet Favourites” collection), I instantly submitted a photo of Muffa.
I can’t believe the gigantic amount of work she did to make us all happy, I can’t thank her enough.

Now to the polish!
Nicole did, as usual, an incredible job and captured the silverness? silveritude? silverism? of my tiny prince perfectly! I might be A BIT biased, but I think that, if Muffa the cat is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing ever, Muffa the polish comes a close second! It’s a silver holographic base with silver/purple reflective micro flakes running through it. The formula is nice and covers in three coats.

Lilypad Lacquer Muffa
Lilypad Lacquer Muffa

As soon as the polish was ready, I bought a bottle of “Muffa” for me and one for my bestie and fellow cat servant Daniela. The package came all the way from Australia and the Muffas finally met. In case you’re dying to see how the epic meeting went, click on the following link:


Muffa the cat is astonished.

I couldn’t resist: I had to at least try and stamp a cat design over “Muffa”!
I used MoYou London Crazy Cat Lady #3 and a black stamping polish from Moyra.

Lilypad Lacquer Muffa; MoYou London Crazy Cat Lady #3; black stamping polish from Moyra

That’s all, folks. See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: all photos (and embarrassing drawings) are my own, except for the cat silhouette: https://pixabay.com/en/cat-halloween-silhouette-mieze-1775543/.
The polish was purchased by me with my own money.
Please excuse any errors you may find in my post!

Apawca-pill #1: Untrieds

(or polishes that used to be untried but are no longer untried because they’ve been tried)

That time of the year has come, when I have so much to do that I can hardly find the time to shower, let alone do nail art or write a detailed blog post. However, I thought I could at least occasionally put together a quick thing to keep myself, and hopefully you, entertained.

That’s what Apawca-pills aim to be: short and sweet posts about this and that. The “short and sweet” part is pretty ambitious for me, because I have a SLIGHT tendency to digress and talk too much…

Without further ado, let’s get this Apawca-pills thingy started! I’m going to show you a couple of untrieds that have finally found their way out of the Swedish Purgatory: the Helmer units.

Colors by Llarowe Berries In The Snow
(Winter 2015 collection)

Colors by Llarowe Berries In The Snow, described as a “blackened berry wine intense linear holo”, has a fantastic formula and a strong rainbow flame. It is gorgeous, but honestly it didn’t steal my heart – just personal preference, there’s nothing wrong with it!

Glam Polish B*tch Please!
(July 2016 Mysteries )

Glam Polish B*tch Please! is a purple base with blueish flakies, holo and, according to my eyes, a golden shimmer. It made me drool like my parents’ dog when he sees cheese, which is a lot, like in “I need a life vest” lot.

Scofflaw Subterranean Homesick Alien
(Spring 2015)
Scofflaw Subterranean Homesick Alien
(Spring 2015)

As I’ve already mentioned in previous occasions, Scofflaw is one of my favourite indie brands. I love their inspiration, I appreciate their unusual combos, but above all I adore their names! I only wish their shades were easier for me to get hold of – I’d buy them in bulks.
This time around, I picked a vivid blue lacquer to wear, because I was craving Smurfs… Kidding! I was just feeling like blue polish. XD
Subterranean Homesick Alien has a very nice formula, I used three coats because I prefer to work in thinner layers (and you would too, if you were as clumsy as I am!), but I think two would have been just as fine. The iridescent microflakes running through Alien are the cherry on top – so pretty!

Scofflaw Subterranean Homesick Alien stamped with Essence City Girls Rule!
and Lesly plate Winter Mood 1

Finally, I did a little stamping over Subterranean…
I used my go-to silver metallic polish from Essence and the beautiful “Winter Mood 1″ plate by Lesly.
I wasn’t sure about the result, as it was a bit… ahem… subtle? But then a friend on Instagram wrote me that it reminded her of hoarfrost and all of a sudden I felt very proud of my job and started telling everybody who was willing and unwilling to listen that it was totally intentional and carefully planned.

Voilà, I’m done. Short and sweet, right? Shorter than “War and Peace”, anyway. XD
See you next time!


DISCLAIMER: all photos are my own, all the polish was purchased by me with my own money. All the errors are mine too: don’t blame Google!! XD